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How It all started

Inspired by a trip to the Highlands and Speyside regions of Scotland and the craft beverage culture of the Pacific Northwest, the idea for Highside Distilling was born.  Our mission is to provide a uniquely Pacific Northwest experience to the time-honored craft of fermentation, distillation, and aging of spirits. Whether it be Single Malt Whiskey, Gin, or Amaro, all of our products are a nod to tradition, with a unique character that captures and defines the spirit of this great region.


The three of us, Matt, Helen, and Jeff, all share a love of home brewing and passion for the craft beverage industry, which has evolved into this dream to open our own distillery.  Back in 2014, Matt was able to convince the rest of the family that we could leverage our brewing background and work experiences to build a family business doing what we love and be able to share it with others. Over the next few years, we did our homework, developed a business plan, went back to school, and began shaping the concept of what Highside Distilling was to become. Visits to Scotland in 2015 and 2017 further clarified our vision and confirmed our passion for making craft spirits that were rooted in tradition, particularly those of Single Malt Whiskey and Amaro.  

Our family has always had a strong belief in the positive impact of memories created over a shared meal or drink. This inspired us to embark on our journey to create a product and experience that represents our home region and can be shared with family and friends anywhere in the world.


to provide a uniquely Pacific Northwest experience to the time-honored craft of fermentation, distillation, and aging of spirits


who we are


We're a small family owned and operated business. Although the three of us are running the day to day operations, we've got the great support of family and friends that are helping us to build our dream distillery. We all share a bit of the workload, so no need for formal titles.  Once we're open for business, you'll always find at least one of us at the distillery to help show you around and share what Highside Distilling is all about.

Matt Glenn

Son, owner, brewer, distiller, sales and marketing. While working as a technology consultant and avid homebrewer, Matt decided to pull his parents out of retirement and put them back to work. 

Jeff Glenn

Dad, owner, brewer, distiller, and general handyman. After 35 years in the telecom industry and a lifetime of making beer, he thought he'd be easing into retirement. Not so much.

Helen Glenn

Mom, owner, internal operations, and tasting room boss. After spending 20 years as the owner of a preschool, Helen now helps young spirits reach their full potential in the barrel.